How To Meditate For Beginners

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Meditation is an important technique through which many types of problems related to mind could be eliminated. Beginners could be trained to practice meditation so that they can get the best results in the form of positive thinking and elimination of negative thinking. A reasonable approach to meditation is leading the person to work hard and have complete control over the working in routine life with a strong mind and body.

Purpose of Meditation

Different people are using meditation for different purposes. It is important to have a clear target for which meditation is to be used. This will give more chances of success for the person and good results will be obtained in the form of elimination of problems and creation of options. Here are some of the purposes for which meditation could be used:

Meditation can improve creativity.
Meditation can help in the achievement of goals.
Meditation can control the inner thoughts.
Meditation helps in understanding.
Meditation eliminates negative thinking.
Meditation is helpful for increasing connections.
Meditation can increase hope.
Meditation can increase faith.
Meditation can make the mind strong.
Meditation can improve the breathing process.
Meditation can improve health.
Meditation can promote peace.
Meditation can eliminate anxiety.
Meditation can be helpful for solving problems.

Starting the process

Meditation could be started at any time. There are no specific requirements in terms of clothes and equipment which are to be used. Any person is able to start the process of meditation for getting benefits. You must make sure that you are active while you want to start the process of meditation. You can sit on the ground or on a chair of your choice for remaining alert while meditating. There are many positions which can be used for meditation but you must remain alert and avoid the positions which are leading towards laziness. You must not use alcohol or other items at least 24 hours before starting meditation. This will help you to remain alert and active for starting the process. Regular use of meditation is helpful for making sure that you are away from harmful items in your routine life. In the start of meditation, you can use empty stomach. Digestion could be distracting in the start of meditation so you must wait for almost 2 hours after a meal or 1 hour after snacks so that your stomach is empty enough to start the process of meditation. When you are ready and there is no digestion for distraction then you can take start successfully in meditation. Smoking is also to be avoided for getting best results through meditation. You must wait for almost 30 minutes before starting meditation if you are smoking. You must use clothes which are comfortable so that you can start the process of meditation.

Preparation of space for meditation

Meditation must be started in a space which is ideal so that you can get the best results. As a beginner you must have a reliable space so that you can start meditation easily and successfully:

Make sure that space is quiet and calm for meditation.
You must silence your cell phones while meditating.
Make the space pleasant with scent or flowers.
Make sure that the lights are dim or you can use candle lights.
Sit straight or use a straight chair or other things for remaining active.

Starting meditation process

When you have prepared all other things then you must start the process of meditation. As a beginner, you will find the process hard at the start but soon you will realize that it is very helpful in your routine life. You can use the following steps in the start for meditation.


When you are ready to start meditation then you must have focused on your breath. You must focus on the incoming air in your body and outgoing air from your body. This will help you to keep your mind free from different types of thoughts. When you are facing with many thoughts then focus on your breath process and get rid of all types of other thoughts.


If you find it hard to breathe without elimination of all types of thoughts then get help from counting. You can count the breaths out and in of your body. Take the counting till 10 and then start from 1 again. Main focus must be on breaths and if you think that the focus is shifting to counts then you must shift your focus to breathing process.


Time is required for getting results from meditation and immediate results are not possible. You must continue this process and do it regularly. In some time period, you will see results in the form of strong mind and elimination of negative thoughts from your mind. This will improve your health and mind.

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