What’s is meditation

Meditation is known to be a practice which is related with positive behaviors. In this practice the main focus is to find the positive aspects in any situation. The person who is meditating is having options to make the situations positive or leave them. Inner energy is restored and increased with the help of meditation. All the good features associated with humans are included in meditation. This process helps the person to get positive results and have positive thinking in any aspect of life. Meditation is helpful in making the mind set which will guide to get positive results and fight with negative elements so that good results could be obtained.


Main benefits of using meditation are related with dealing with problems of health. The problems including blood pressure and tension are eliminated and controlled effectively with the help of meditation. There are many forms in which meditation could be practiced. People are able to sit straight or relax while practicing meditation. Main focus of meditation is related with control of mind and elimination of stress. People are able to close their eyes and concentrate on inner peace in order to achieve a reliable state in meditation.


When the eyes are closed in meditation then the focus is on elimination of stress and peace of mind which makes it possible for dealing with problems related with tension and stress of mind. The term meditation is derived from many other words. With the passage of time the term meditation was derived while its meaning remained the same in the process of derivation. The main focus of meditation is getting positive results through control of mind.

Person performing meditation is thinking in a positive manner and dealing with negative issues with the help of positive thinking and finding realistic solutions to all types of problems. Meditation is found in almost all types off religions. Different names and forms are used for practicing meditation in different parts of the world. The main purpose of using meditation is inner peace and having a strong mind. With the help of meditation it is possible to improve the mind so that the routine problems could be eliminated. Meditation is helpful in getting many types of options and has reliable thinking which will give solutions to problems. In past, the practice of meditation was related with religion.


Monks and scholars in any religion were practicing meditation in order to provide solutions to problems of their followers. With the passage of time as awareness among people was increased so they started to practice meditation in routine life. Different types of techniques related with meditation are also introduced through experts in this technique. These techniques are used by different people to deal with problems of mind and good results are obtained in some time period. Different cultures and places in the world are using different techniques of meditation and getting results in the form of positive thinking and elimination of stress from mind.

Buddhist practice started in India for using meditation and controlling mind for improved strength. Sufism is the start of medication in Islamic culture. Christians have followed the practice of Jesus in order to use meditation. Many other cultures are also using meditation in different forms. In many places the techniques of meditation are mostly related with religion and this is thought to be a religious act. People in west are not using a specific pattern or repitition of words for meditation. Indian and Islamic cultures are using repitition of certain words related with their religion for performance of meditation. West is concerned with reading, pondering, praying and contemplating while exercising meditation techniques.


During the years of 1950 many new forms were added in meditation in Asian countries. These forms were also started to get fame in west side in the years of 1960. These new forms were focusing on reduction go stress, relaxation of mind and improvement of person. Main forms of meditation are related with spiritual and secular. In 1931 proper research started for dealing with meditation and getting improved results.

During the years of 1970 and 1980 many scientific tools were used for getting more details about meditation. As there are many forms and practices for using meditation so there is no one rule or process through which meditation could be exercised. Different people are using different modes of meditation to increase strength of their mind which is helpful in all forms of life.

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